Importance of using a scale when brewing coffee

Importance of using a scale when brewing coffee

Consistency is key when preparing coffee!

We talk about variables a lot when preparing pour over and filter coffee as there is so many factors that contribute to final result.

Control what you can control. If you could ensure the right amount of coffee grind and water ratio every time you make a coffee, then why wouldn't you?

The simple use of a scale can make all the difference when brewing coffee. Ensuring consistency and precision with every coffee you make so you can enjoy every cup and have also have less wastage.

When brewing pour over coffee water is poured on the ground coffee in intervals, also known as pulses. The amount of water is weighed while pouring throughout the brewing process.

Using a scale can also help refine your coffee experience, allowing you to learn more about what you like and what you don't. When you’re able to better evaluate your taste, you can tweak your pour over technique, coffee-to-water ratio, brewing time, and even brewing method, in pursuit of it. 

TIP: When selecting a scale for coffee brewing, look for one that has a 0.1g accuracy. This will help when weighing the coffee beans and ground coffee.