Discover the exceptional craftsmanship of Cafec Tsubame Kettles, meticulously hand-made in Tsubame city, Niigata. Renowned for its stainless steel manufacturing, each kettle showcases unparalleled quality and durability.

With a slim 6mm diameter spout, the Tsubame Kettle offers precise control and a steady pour, ensuring a seamless brewing experience. The lid features a convenient hole for inserting a thermometer, allowing for precise temperature monitoring.

Versatile in function, the Tsubame Kettle can be heated on open flames as well as induction tops, providing flexibility and convenience in your brewing setup.

Experience the perfection of Cafec Tsubame Kettles, where exquisite design meets exceptional functionality. Elevate your brewing with a kettle that embodies precision and enduring quality. Trust in Tsubame city's legacy of stainless steel craftsmanship to enhance your coffee journey.