A Beginner’s Guide to Brewing Pour Over Coffee At Home

CAFEC Coffee Filter Paper

Learn the Basics of Coffee Grind, Coffee Filter Papers and Pouring Technique

 Reading Time: 6 - 7 Minutes  

‘Can anyone make a professional pour over coffee at home?’

Without a doubt, You absolutely can. As high-quality coffee beans and brewing equipment are becoming more and more accessible, anyone with the right tools and techniques would be able to brew the perfect pour over coffee. In this bite-sized guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of each component of a great pour over and conclude with a step-by-step guide to creating a pour-over at home.


What is the pour over method?

The pour over method is distinct amongst other brewing methods in its elegance and precise extraction of the coffee. By pouring hot water over grounded coffee, the essence of the coffee is slowly extracted through the filter and the flows through the bottom of the dripper with only the help of gravity.

Aside from using fresh roasted beans, the keys to a great pour over are the quality of:

  1. Grind of the Coffee
  2. Coffee Dripper
  3. Coffee Filter paper
  4. The Pouring method

Grind of the Coffee

The first step to any pour over is getting the right beans at the right grind level. The level of the grind is important as it determines the rate of coffee's extraction. A finer course will lead to a faster extraction while a courser grind will allow a longer extraction process. Aside from the level of grind, another important aspect to keep in mind is the consistency of the grind. Inconsistent grind can lead to uneven flavors as the level of extraction will become uneven during the pouring process. Having a tool such as the CAFEC hand grinder enables anyone to obtain the perfect grinding consistency with ease.

Coffee Dripper

Impacting the success of the extraction process, choosing the right dripper is an important part to mastering the pour-over. As the dripper will impact the flow of the water and the ease in the conducting the process. The CAFEC flower dripper offers an aesthetic and effective tool for proper extraction. Its specially designed rims and cone shape, enables water to flow and effectively permeate the entire coffee. With it’s special ‘Arita ware’ design, it’s an aesthetic tool made to create amazing pour-over even at home.  


Coffee Filter Paper

Alongside the grind and the dripper, the proper selection of the filter paper has an important role on the outcome for a pour over. The function of this component is to act as a medium to extract the coffee and different variations of filter papers can yield different results. While the Light Roast create great clarity in the cup, the Medium Roast and Dark Roast create a cup with more balance or body and sweetness. For an in-depth guide to finding the right filter, head over to our resource here.   


The Pouring Method 

Requiring precision and knowledge of technique, the pouring technique may make or break the quality of your pour over. While there are variety in the techniques, the focus today will be on the Osmotic Flow method. Pioneered by CAFEC, the method is a simple pour over method which promises the greatest quality with ease.

Use the video as a visual guide while reading explanation of the process.



While there is a detailed scientific explanation on the method, all you need to know is that the process can be broken down into 2 steps which are Blooming and Pouring water.

Blooming can be understood as making a passageway for the water which creates better extraction of the coffee powder. By pouring hot water in the center of the coffee, a successful bloom would look like a dome as can be seen in the video above. This process ensures that the water effectively extracts the coffee powder. Once the dome has appeared and visible cracks are seen, it is ready to head to the next step.

Pouring Water requires precise technique in order to conduct successfully. After successfully creating the bloom, constant pouring of water in a circular motion around the bloom will help create a stable extraction of the coffee. Viewing the filter as a multiple layered funnel, the constant circular flow of water helps bring the coffee from the center to the bottom of the dripper.


‘Step by Step Guide’

Now Lets Break down the Steps: 

  1. Grind your coffee to the medium grind and prepare hot water with a 1:16 ratio of water to coffee. For this guide we recommend a 30g to 480g of water.
  2. Place your chosen dripper over a jug or pot.
  3. Carefully position the filter paper over the dripper while completely covering it.
  4. Fill the filter paper with designated quantity of coffee
  5. Create a bloom by carefully pouring hot water using a circular motion at the center of the coffee (refer to video above to reference). Wait until it forms a crack and coffee begins to drip to begin next step.
  6. When fully bloomed, proceed to pour hot water carefully and continuously at a 90-degree angle around the bloom to further extract the coffee. Continue this process until the expected volume of coffee is reached.


By understanding the concepts and following the step-by-step guide, anyone can be a pour-over master at the comfort of their own home!


As the nature of this post is a guide, please use the recommendations as a starting point and adjust depending on taste and personal preference. Stay Tuned on our blog for more info and guides on all things Pour-over Coffee