Cafec Exclusive Specialty Coffee Webinar with Mr Shigeji Nakatsuka

Cafec Exclusive Webinar

Educating, Inspiring, and Sharing the passion for Specialty Coffee 

Reading Time: 4-5 Minutes   
On the 3rd of September, Cafec Australia had the opportunity to collaborate with Cafec Japan in hosting an educational webinar featuring Cafec CEO Mr. Shigeji Nakatsuka. Driven by Mr. Nakatsuka’s passion for specialty coffee, the webinar aims to foster the love for specialty coffee despite the current pandemic.
Traditionally, Mr. Nakatsuka would travel around the world and share his passion for specialty coffee. Personally meeting and hosting live demonstrations, his annual tours had become a tradition for specialty coffee lovers around the world.
With an audience of 60 people with diverse expertise and knowledge in specialty coffee, the webinar was curated to cater a diverse portfolio of participants. The webinar began by featuring an introduction to the world of specialty coffee for beginners. Discussing the rich history behind the global origins of the specialty coffee movement and a brief overview of basic coffee knowledge. 
Osmotic Pour
To suite the experts of in the audience, the next topic covered was the science behind the ‘Osmotic – process’ and the ‘blooming process’. Explaining the importance of the revolutionary 'osmotic pressure' and the role of 'full immersion' in creating the perfect cup of coffee. To further excite the visual learners joining the webinar, Mr. Nakatsuka also provided a live demonstration on the ‘Osmotic flow’ and ‘blooming’ process. Showcasing the beauty that lies in a perfect ‘bloom’, he also elaborated on the significant impact that it had on the flavor of the cup.  
Roast Profile Filter Paper
Mr. Nakatsuka then wrapped the event with a brief overview of the different types of ‘roast profile’ filter papers. As the world’s first roast profile filter paper, Mr. Shigeji showcased the specialty and the history behind its conception. Wrapping the event with a extensive Q&A, it was a pleasure to witness so many different individuals showcasing their love for coffee through the various questioned conveyed during the session.
Shigeji Nakatsuka Filter Paper
Through this platform, Mr Shigeji along with Cafec Japan and Cafec Australia hopes that the love for specialty coffee can transcend the limitations caused by the current pandemic. Despite the importance of the tangible aspects in enjoying specialty coffee, we believe that a passion can still be fostered if cultivated in the right way. With this goal, Cafec strives to continuously provide education and a platform in which specialty coffee lovers can gather and inspire one another during this pandemic.
As requested by numerous participants, a download link for the complete presentation slides for the event can be found below.

Download here