Upcoming: Specialty Coffee Webinar with CAFEC's founder and CEO Mr. Shigeji Nakatsuka

Upcoming: Specialty Coffee Webinar with CAFEC's founder and CEO Mr. Shigeji Nakatsuka

Exclusive Interview and Live  Demonstration to CAFEC Filter Papers & Pouring Method 

Reading Time: 4-5 Minutes  

How to properly do the ‘Osmotic Flow’?
Which CAFEC Filter Paper should I choose from?
How can I tell when it’s ‘Blooming’ properly?

If some of these questions ever came to mind, don’t worry. We understand that getting accustomed to Specialty Pour Over Coffee is a challenging feat.

Aside from learning the lingo, there are lots of other components that come to mind such as choosing the right filter paper, finding the right dripper, getting the right grind size, and so much more. A common solution that many found attractive in solving such problems is by ‘divide and conquer’ which essentially is breaking down the component into smaller components and individually tackling them.

While there are numerous components needed for mastering pour over coffee, let’s help you ease the burden with an exclusive session with Mr. Shigeji Nakatsuka Founder and CEO of CAFEC.

Mr. Nakatsuka's Passion

Based in Fujimi, Japan, CAFEC was conceived from the passion of fostering and sharing the joy that can be found from drinking a quality cup of specialty pour over coffee. From this passion, Mr. Nakatsuka delved into the necessary crafts that are required to ensure that his dream can be made into fruition. After countless years of research and commitment into creating the perfect filter paper, drippers, and pour over technique, Mr. Nakatsuka was able to envision his passion.

Today, CAFEC’s line of products perfectly embodies the same passion by providing coffee lovers with the necessary tools and knowledge to create quality pour over coffee. Recognised for being the pioneer of Roast profile coffee paper and the ‘Osmotic flow’ pouring method, CAFEC was able to help coffee lovers from across the world to enjoy quality pour over coffee from the joy of their own home.

What to expect by joining the session?

In this special opportunity, Mr. Nakatsuka will provide a comprehensive guide into everything you need to know for beginning your journey as a pour-over connoisseur. Delving into topics such as finding the right filter paper, choosing the right water to coffee ratio, and even demonstrating the proper technique needed to properly execute the ‘osmotic flow’. Wrapping the event up with a Q & A session, there will ample opportunity to ask for deeper insights Mr. Nakatsuka’s knowledge of pour over coffee. Whether you’re a beginner or even an expert in pour over coffee, this event is guaranteed to provide something for you.               

While mastering the art of pour over coffee requires vast knowledge and persistent effort, the quality of joy that can be received from creating a perfect cup is something out of this world.

Let us make this journey slightly easier for you by joining the webinar and gain first-hand insight into Mr. Nakatsuka’s vast experience in Pour Over Coffee!

Details for the Webinar is as follows:

  1. Free live webinar with limited tickets
  2. Online on Friday 3rd Sept 2021 at 1:00pm - 2:30pm (AEST)
  3. Available in both English and Japanese


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