Cafec 1 Cup Assorted Filter Paper Pack


Cafec 1 Cup Assorted Filter Paper Pack

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Cafec 1 Cup Assorted Filter Paper Pack

Introducing the Cafec 1 Cup Assorted Filter Paper Pack – a versatile set that enhances your coffee brewing experience. Experiment with the different filter papers and discover different characteristics and taste descriptors in your coffee.

This pack includes a range of specialised filter papers, each tailored to complement different roast levels:

1. T-92 Light Roast Filter Paper:
Crafted for light roast coffee, this filter paper enhances the delicate flavours of your beans. Experience the nuanced notes and bright aromas of your favorite light roast coffee with precision.

2. T-90 Medium Roast Filter Paper:
Ideal for those who prefer medium roasts, this filter paper preserves the balanced flavours and mild acidity that medium roasts are known for. Say hello to a well-rounded and satisfying cup of coffee.

3. T-83 Dark Roast Filter Paper:
Designed to elevate the richness of dark roast coffees, this filter paper captures the full-bodied character that dark roasts offer. Enjoy an intensified coffee experience.

4. Abaca Plus Filter Paper:
The Abaca Plus Filter Paper introduces a unique texture and filtering process, enhancing the extraction of flavours from your coffee grounds. It's a versatile option that complements a range of roast profiles.

Experience the art of coffee brewing with precision and innovation. The Cafec 1 Cup Assorted Filter Paper Pack ensures that your chosen roast level is expertly matched with the appropriate filter paper, resulting in a cup of coffee that truly captures the essence of your beans. Elevate your daily ritual with every sip.

Cafec 1 Cup Filter Paper Features

  • 160 Total filters per pack
  • High quality filter paper
  • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified (Abaca Plus)
  • Made in Japan

    What's in the box

    • 1 x Pack 40  Light Roast Filter Papers
    • 1 x Pack 40 Medium Roast Filter Papers
    • 1 x Pack 40 Dark Roast Filter Papers
    • 1 x Pack 40 Abaca Plus Filter Papers

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