Cafec 1 Cup Green Flower Dripper


Cafec 1 Cup Green Flower Dripper

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Introducing the Cafec 1 Cup Green Flower Dripper - a beautiful and functional pour-over coffee dripper that brews a single cup of delicious coffee.

Made from high-quality ceramic and adorned with a stunning green colour, this dripper is not only a pleasure to use but also produces a beautiful coffee. Its unique flower ribs  and large single hole design ensure a consistent and even extraction, while the 2-4 minute brew time produces a smooth and flavourful cup. Compatible with Cafec 1 cup filters, the Cafec 1 Cup Pink Flower Dripper is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate both form and function in their brewing equipment.

Flower Dripper Features

  • Made from high-quality ceramic in Japan
  • Beautiful flower design
  • Unique flower ribs and large single hole design for even extraction
  • 2-4 minute brew time for a smooth and flavourful cup
  • Perfect for brewing a single cup of delicious coffee
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional pour-over coffee device.
  • Measuring spoon included

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