Cafec 2 Cup Black Flower Dripper


Cafec 2 Cup Black Flower Dripper

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The Cafec 2 Cup Black Flower Dripper is a Limited Edition version of the popular coffee flower dripper. Made in Japan from high-quality ceramic, this dripper features a sleek matte black colour with a stunning flower rib design that is sure to impress any coffee lover.

The dripper has a 2-4 cup capacity and is compatible with standard cone-shaped coffee filters. The design of the dripper allows for consistent extraction, resulting in a clean and smooth cup of coffee every time.

This limited edition version of the Cafec 2 Cup Flower Dripper is a stylish and practical addition to any coffee brewing setup. It is easy to use and clean, making it perfect for both novice and experienced coffee enthusiasts.

With its unique black colour and beautiful flower design, the Cafec 2 Cup Black Flower Dripper is a must-have for any coffee lover who wants to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their coffee brewing routine. 

Flower Dripper Features

  • Made from high-quality ceramic in Japan
  • Unique flower ribs and large single hole design for even extraction
  • 2-4 minute brew time for a smooth and flavourful cup
  • Perfect for brewing delicious pour over coffee
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional pour-over coffee device.
  • Measuring spoon included

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