Cafec Deep 27 Black Flower Dripper


Cafec Deep 27 Black Flower Dripper

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Cafec Deep 27 Black Flower Dripper

Introducing the Flower Dripper Deep 27 Dripper for your delicious one cup.

DEEP 27 Development Story
DEEP 45 was a dripper developed from the idea of forming a deep filtering layer by narrowing the bottom angle to 45°. However, due to its’ angle of 45°, it was ideal for 3~7 cups and not the ideal deep filtering layer for one cup.

However, we received many requests from passionate coffee lovers wanting a deep dripper for single cup. Therefore, in order to spread joy among our coffee lovers who enjoy single cup of coffee, we researched and developed the dripper “DEEP 27”.
We hope that you can enjoy your best cup with DEEP 27, as a reward for yourself or to share with your someone special.

Why 27˚?
After trial and error, we arrived at the ideal bottom angle for one cup. It took about 5 years from idea development to its completion.

(1) Even a single cup of coffee grounds can form a sufficient filtering layer (the sedimentary layer of coffee powder).

(2) CAFEC’s ideal extracting speed, the speed of pouring water from the top and the speed of extracting coffee liquid from the bottom are the same.

As a result of our research, we got the ideal angle of 27° for one cup.

The taste of coffee brewed with DEEP 27
Brewing with DEEP 27 will bring much more richness and sweetness to your coffee. It can pull out the characteristics of each coffee and extract only the pleasant taste components.

Deep 27 Flower Dripper Features

  • Unique flower ribs and large single hole design for even extraction
  • 2-4 minute brew time for a smooth and flavourful cup
  • Perfect for brewing delicious pour over coffee
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional pour-over coffee device.

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